Haecksen 2014 - Call For Proposals

Haecksen isn't Haecksen without all the Haecksen! That's you!

This year, we're looking for:

* Short talks (around 20 minutes, but requests for a double slot of 40 minutes will be considered) on anything related to open tech generally, or women in open tech specifically, that you are currently working on.

* A small number of short hands-on presentations about *your personal or professional experience* of preparing, submitting, and giving talks at technical conferences.

Think you've got what it takes? Hit the Miniconf Submission link to the left of the page and tell us all about it!

Submissions are open until 1 November. If you have questions about anything at all, email unicorn(at)haecksen(dot)net.

Just a short note: Accepted miniconf speakers do not generally get free admission to the conference. If you would like to speak but CANNOT afford to attend, please let us know in your submission so we can work with you and the LCA organisers to try and make it happen.

== About Haecksen 2014 ==

Haecksen has been a regular feature at linux.conf.au since 2007. In that time, it has stuck to a tried and trusted formula. A group of smart, vibrant women all working in some way with open source technology, spend the day together sharing their experiences and knowledge in a supportive and fun environment.

For linux.conf.au 2014, the Oceania Women of Open Technology (OWOOT http://owoot.org) group proposes, again, a one-day Haecksen miniconf. Again, the intention is to feature women speakers and panellists on technical and community topics related to free software and women in free software.

This year, however, the emphasis is on fun. Kicking off with a gameshow-style quiz covering achievements of historical women in tech, the day will then move into a series of short, upbeat presentations, before finishing with a light-hearted hands-on education session dedicated to encouraging and assisting women with conference speaker applications, professional speaking skills, and conference attendance. Speakers are expected, and indeed encouraged, to cover topics that range widely from technical talks to professional development, and community involvement.

== 2014 Haecksen team ==

Lana Brindley. Lana will lead organisation of the miniconference prior to and at linux.conf.au 2014. Lana was the lead organiser of the 2011 and 2012 Haecksen miniconfs, and was a member of the LCA 2013 core team.

Mary Gardiner. Mary will assist with the call for papers and selecting presentations. Mary was the founder of the Haecksen miniconf and was co-organiser of the 2007 and 2008 miniconfs.

Bianca Gibson. Bianca will assist with the call for papers and selecting presentations. Bianca was co-organiser of the 2013 Haecksen miniconf.

== About OWOOT ==

OWOOT (Oceania Women of Open Tech, formerly Aussiechix) was formed in October 2011, but grew out of women's groups in the region active since 1999. OWOOT remains a chapter of Linuxchix. Linuxchix functions as a geographically distributed user group. It has been running for over a decade and contains well over a thousand active members in many different countries. Originally founded with the explicit intention of providing an alternative to occasionally hostile online environments, it is not yet in the enviable position of being redundant. As such, as well as the usual technical aspect of user groups, OWOOT has a heavy social aspect.

== Women at linux.conf.au ==

Possibly due to the community spirit provided by groups like OWOOT, the previous miniconfs have helped attract women in the greater FLOSS community to linux.conf.au. The presence of the miniconf since 2007 has demonstrably helped raise the numbers of women to the conference itself. The inaugural miniconf expected 20 women. Last year, over 80 people expressed interest in the miniconf, and the main conference is now regularly attracting around a 20% female attendance rate. With a reported 4% female contributions to open source projects, a 20% female attendance rate shows the good work the Haecksen miniconf does for promoting and welcoming female talent and perspective to FLOSS projects, and linux.conf.au in particular.

If requested, we would also be willing to work with the organising committee in the lead up to LCA2014 to help both women and men understand they are welcome to attend and learn from the miniconf.